Savings Account
Ally Premium Bank Savings Account offers you high yields (interest) on your funds. It is designed to help you save for yourself and your family’s future. There is no monthly service charge on this account.
Do you require a flexible loan to purchase personal assets or to meet urgent financial commitments? Ally Premium Bank can offer you an employee salary-backed personal loan to be repaid up to 48 months at a competitive interest rate.
Current Account
Ally Premium Bank Current Account is a transactional account that allows you the freedom to manage your money the way you desire. This account has no minimum balance requirement and provides you with unrestricted access to your money.
Fixed Deposit
The fixed deposit product is an investment account which guarantees competitive interest rates to generate maximum returns on invested funds. We offer competitive and negotiable interest rates on all fixed deposits.
Credit Cards
From exceptional credit limits to unrivaled privileges tailored to your specific needs, the assortment of Super Premium, Premium and Co-branded credit cards provided by Ally Premium Bank bring to you the imbursement comfort you always desired.
Auto Loans
Whether you’re buying from a dealership or through a private sale, Ally Premium Bank offers convenient and flexible financing options to help you drive away with the car you want.
24/7 Customer Service
With internet banking, you can use the secure messaging service to ask us a question about your account. We'll aim to get back to you within 1 working hour.
Payment History and eBill Archive
Auto-Pay, which is set-up with eBill, will allow you to schedule an automatic and view your payment history.
Differentiated Experience By Customer Segment
There is a clear and easily distinguished user experience for all customers with targeted features.
Simplified Transaction Process
You can browse and apply for products quickly and easily through our internet banking – because we know you.
Net Worth
Consolidated Assets

Foreign Currency Account

Ally Premium Bank Foreign Currency Account allows customers to maintain accounts in foreign currencies. These accounts can be funded through travelers cheques, lodgement of foreign currency cheques, SWIFT inflows. Account holders can withdraw cash or make transfers to their accounts or other accounts offshore.
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